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@Wesley Insley

Wesley Insley
  • Age : 5
  • Height : 150cm / 4.9ft
  • Weight : Over 103kg / 226.6lbs
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      General Information
    • Name : Wesley Insley
    • Gender : Male
    • Age : 5
    • Email : name@email.com
      Physical Info
    • Height : 150cm / 4.9ft
    • Weight : Over 103kg / 226.6lbs
    • Hair Type : Straight
    • Hair Length : None
    • Hair Color : Black
    • Eye Color : Black
    • Shoe Size : Less than 36 EU / 3 UK / 3 US
    Wesley Insley


    An actor, comedian and writer, Wesley Insley has come a long way from doing YouTube videos in his bedroom.

    Wesley was born in Poquoson, Virginia, to Mel, a firefighter, and Rahe Insley, who worked as a para-educator. He attended Thomas Nelson Community College before dropping out to work on his acting career.

    Soon after he landed on his first time, Sean McNamara's civil war period piece "Field of Lost Shoes", He began getting booked for work left and right for various networks. Wesley has appeared on Fox, AMC, REELZ, Discovery ID, and on various commercials across the country. Wesley went on to learn how to edit under the wing of Emmy Nominated Director Kevin Hershberger. Now proficient in Adobe's full creative suite, Wesley has provided professional graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing services for some of the most talented people around the globe.

    Following his work with Hershberger, Wesley created Golden Boys Media, a small production company in Hampton Roads that elevated the production quality of music videos across various parts of Virginia and surrounding states.

    After a few years, Wesley helped as the assistant producer of Nigel Holland Entertainment, the parent company of both "The Right On Band" and "A New World Record", of which had the privilege of playing for the last four presidents of the United States of America. In this same time, Wesley helped world-touring comedian Steve Hofstetter produce his podcast "hofcast", which featured guests such as Ty Kelly and Gary Gulman.

    Wesley also has created and sold a multitude of videos to content aggregators such as Break.com, ViralHog, and JukinMedia. In 2019, Wesley went viral again, gaining over 10 million views across the web for his video "Detective Pikachu Trailer ft. Danny DeVito", getting featured in multiple publications including IGN Magazine.

    Wesley is currently residing in Los Angeles working as an Actor, Editor, and Writer.



    • RED :newa presenter
    • City Year :News 90 seconds


    • AfroBrit: Entertainment
    • Presenter on a Salon:UK Asian Music

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