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@Becky Moore

FeaturedBecky Moore
  • Age : 5
  • Height : 150cm / 4.9ft
  • Weight : Over 103kg / 226.6lbs
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      General Information
    • Name : Becky Moore
    • Gender : Female
    • Age : 5
    • Email : name@email.com
      Physical Info
    • Height : 150cm / 4.9ft
    • Weight : Over 103kg / 226.6lbs
    • Hair Type : Straight
    • Hair Length : None
    • Hair Color : Black
    • Eye Color : Black
    • Shoe Size : Less than 36 EU / 3 UK / 3 US
    Becky Moore


    Becky Moore is an actress suffering from Chronic Explosive Enthusiasm, a hilariously warm and enjoyable condition that unfortunately affects fewer and fewer Americans each year. Born with Cystic Fibrosis in '86, she was only expected to see ripped jeans go in and out of style once or twice in her lifetime. As a coping mechanism, she developed a severe addiction to living beautifully, and frenetically seeking out every experience life has to offer. Wasting no time, she learned a variety of musical instruments, performed in concert and marching bands, and competed in both soccer and gymnastics. She wasn't always in motion though, as back then every hour spent honing her film photography skills required a similar time investment in the darkroom. Thanks to modern medicine the immediate threat to her life was removed, but the years spent joyously seeking adventure and personal growth had already taken their toll. She was beyond the help of her favorite hobbies, including hiking the Sierra Nevadas, dirt-biking the Rock Creek OHV, lifting weights, and practicing calligraphy. She had become thoroughly quirky, disarmingly genuine, and hopelessly addicted to the arts. In search of a fix, she earned certificates in Fine Art and Portrait Photography, which helped for a short while, but deep down she had always dreamt of becoming an actress. What better outlet could there be for the pain, suffering, joy, and triumph of a life spent outwitting and outworking a chronic illness? Recently that dream came true when she had the unbelievable fortune of being cast as Thana in the film Psychopomp, which wrapped earlier this year. Coming off of this amazing experience and incredible learning opportunity, Becky is ready to do whatever it takes to continue to make her dream a reality



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    • AfroBrit:Weekly Entertainment
    • Presenter on a Salon:UK Asian Music

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